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Nautical Themed Halloween Costumes

Author: Discover Boating

halloweenAutumn is a great time of year. The leaves are changing, the temperature is perfect and the holiday season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, for many, that means that the boating season is over for another year. Fear not though, our ideas below will allow you to express your passion for the water with a nautical themed Halloween costume. If you have a costume party to attend this weekend, consider some of these options:

jack sparrow

Click the image to view this Jack Sparrow costume on Amazon

Pirate – You really can’t go wrong with a pirate costume because there are so many famous characters you can choose from. Some popular choices are Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow or Dread Pirate Roberts. The best thing about dressing up like a pirate? You get to call people things like “lass,” “swashbuckler” and “bilge rat” all night.


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Sailor – Another classic costume that you can add your own twist to, if you’d like. You can go as a generic sailor, Popeye is always a safe choice or, if you have a group of people to dress up with, you can be the sailor from the Village People (this one is probably not for everyone).


Click the image to see more Poseidon costume ideas on Pinterest

Poseidon – God of the Sea, need we say more? Plus, you get to carry a trident. Who doesn’t want to carry a trident?


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Mermaid – There are many mermaid costumes available in a variety of colors, no matter your price range. This would also pair well with a Poseidon costume for couples that want to match.

bass head

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Bass Head trophy
– Remember the Big Mouth Billy the Bass toy that sang? Believe it or not, there is a costume for that. If you are wearing this costume, you are obliged to make remarks about how you’re “such a good catch” and that you’re “hooked” on fishing.

Of course, Halloween is really about the kids. If you have a little one at home that loves the water as much as you do, you can try some of these options:

Octopus – You can find a lot of variations of this costume for your child online or at a costume store, but if you are feeling crafty and want a DIY project, Martha can help you in the above video


Click the image to view this costume on Amazon

Finding Nemo – Disney costumes are always popular with children and Finding Nemo is no exception. If you have two little ones, consider the Nemo/Dory combo.


Click the image to view this costume on Amazon

Lobster – Continuing with the Disney concept, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is a great choice (or even Ariel). Of course, there are general lobster costumes available too.


Click the image to view this costume on Pinterest

Boat – Lastly, if you really want to show your love for boating, how about crafting a wearable replica of your boat for your child to wear?

What are some of your costume ideas for this year?

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