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Jake Owen’s Top 5 Boating Essentials

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jakeWhen country star Jake Owen isn’t hanging out on a tour bus or performing his hit song of the summer, “Beachin’”, he practically lives on the water. We’ve teamed up with Jake on his ‘Days of Gold’ tour, so we had to ask, “What are your boating essentials?”

Here’s what he said:

1) CIRE board shorts: If you plan on wakeboarding or wake surfing like Jake, you need a good pair of board shorts. CIRE board shorts, one of Jake’s favorite brands to sport, are both practical and stylish.

2) A Spotify playlist: You can’t spend a day on the water without music! Jake loves listening to a mix of country and hip-hop when he’s boating. He was recently quoted in a Huffington Post article saying, “If I’m out on my boat, I’m always listening to Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and if I’m fishing, I really enjoy listening to country music.”

3) KCCO Chive flag: Every boat needs a little decoration. Spruce up your boat with a decorative flag. Jake’s boat flag shows his support of The Chive.

4) Sunscreen: SPF is a must for anyone spending a day in the sun. Nothing will ruin a boating trip faster than a bad sunburn!

5) Friends: Of course, no boating trip would be complete without good company!

“I can’t think of anything better than floating down the water, drinking a cold beverage and hanging with your friends.” – Jake Owen

Tell us, what are your boating essentials?

4 thoughts on “Jake Owen’s Top 5 Boating Essentials

  1. Dawn wakeford

    For us 5 necessities for a day on the water. (On our boat)
    1. Friends and family. It’s always fun with loved ones. Often rafted together with several boats.
    2. Sunscreen. 2 light skinned, light eyed people burn very easily.
    3. Good icy cold beverages.
    4. Snacks (as if we’d starve!)
    5. Music wide variety; country, Jimmy Buffet, jazz, rock and roll

  2. Stacy Dudas

    1. Sunshine, Friends & lots of extra rope to tie boats together
    2. Lots of frosty beverages
    3. Awesome tunes rocking the party
    4. Boat grill for burgers & dogs & other BBQ favorites
    5. And if you’re with us in Lake Hopatcong (NJ) … Can’t forget to raise a toast to “The Snake in the
    Lake” & if it’s real… Hope it doesn’t bite ya in the a** ! 🙂

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