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Jake Owen: If I Could Be On A Boat With Anyone, It Would Be …

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This is a guest post by Jake Owen.

I love to boat. Nothing beats being out in the sunshine cruising with the wind in your hair. Even when I’m on tour, I love to get on the water and relax.

A lot of my songs are inspired by what it feels like to be on the water because that’s where some of my favorite memories are made with my friends and family. Before my music hits my fans, I bring my friends out and test the album on my boat. I want the music I make to be the type of music people want to turn up while they’re out on the water … and my friends always keep me honest.

jake fishFor me, there’s nothing better than spending time on the water with the ones you love and having some fun.

I get asked a lot who I’d like to spend a day with on the water, so if I could take anyone out boating it would have to be:

Peyton Manning – Any time I get together with Peyton, it’s always a blast. He could teach me a few things about football—and I could introduce him to wake surfing.

Matthew McConaughey – It’s pretty clear McConaughey is a beach guy, too. I’d fish with that guy any day—bring it!

jake armKevin Harvick (pictured) – Kevin has always been a great friend to me and in NASCAR he is a beast. But, like Peyton, I think I could teach him a few things on the water!

Kenny Chesney – Leave it to Kenny to know where to find paradise. We share a love for life on the water. When I go back on the road with him this year, I’m hoping he can show me a few of his favorite spots.

How about you? If you could go boating with anyone, who would it be…

17 thoughts on “Jake Owen: If I Could Be On A Boat With Anyone, It Would Be …

  1. Becky Rogers

    My husband. We don’t have nearly enough “together” time and we both love to fish, swim, snorkel, etc.

  2. lisa radatz

    I would love to go boating with Jake Owen…think he could wake board off the back of my 34 ft Searcy on Lake St. Clair? Next time you are in Michigan…

  3. Jason

    I would definitely take Jake Owen! We share a great passion for boating and the same watersports. My friends would never believe it since they could all answer this question for me. Barefoot Blue Jean night is the theme song for Double G (my wake board boat) Jakes cds never leave the player!

  4. sonia cox

    I would love to have the many years back bass fishing with my husband of 35 years, lord took him to rest 7 months ago. He loved the outdoors and being on a boat fishing was his passion. The beach and sun wss as a big part of his life too. That was our vacation spot, when we ever could get one. Our two boys continue his legacy of fishing and im so proud of that. I only fished for catfish if I even fished before I met my husband and I couldnt of told you what a spinnerbait or a texas rig was, much less a fake worm, which i liked that better than the slimy ones. We started out in john boat , then moved up a littleand added trolling motor, later traded that in for a leon jordan 150 hp alumium boat, man we were rolling then. But af ter a few small tourn a ments in fishing club knew that wasnt gonna cut it too long, got tired of hanging behind let the bigger ones go first so we didnt get run over, then your fishing spots taken. S went for it new 1993 stratos , in debt but lovin it, son lovin it too. My thing, plenty room to su nbath when wasnt fishing, which wasnt too often. It just got better and better, that was vacation everyweekend. Our anniversaries were weekend out of town, on the lake, I was fine with that , kinda became a tradition, as long as we were with eachother. His wish was to have his ashes scattered over the water, beach and his sons want to go to each he fished and knew so well, so when they fish them, Dads with them on the water too.

  5. jena mae

    I would be on a boat with my dad on the BIGHORN river here in Montana. I know you have been here and know how amazing it is, I don’t get to spend much time with my dad Because he is a busy and and amazing outfitter. 🙂

  6. Kellie Thurman

    We didn’t have a lot of money when I was grew up in Kentucky. We never went on extravagant annual vacations. We never could afford to go to the movies or concerts.
    We did simple, inexpensive, fun things like fishing. My dad taught me how to bait a hook and cast a line from a very early age.
    Some of the best memories I have are memories of my dad and I fishing.
    So if I could be on a boat with anyone…it definitely would be with my dad— fishing!

  7. Beverly

    I don’t know a lot about fishing … But would definitely listen if you were teaching.
    Matthew joining would be a plus …
    I would probably fall off the boat and drown


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