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Fishing with my Dad – Father’s Day Memories

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DCIM100GOPROThis is a guest post by Ashley Rae.

Some of my favorite times spent out on the water are those I’ve spent fishing with my Dad. I didn’t grow up with him teaching me to fish, but rather with a family friend who was very close to us. My brother and I were introduced to fishing at a young age, and since then it has been something I’ve loved to do. Over the years I have spent more and more time on the water, now making fishing not just my ideal way to spend time, but also the focus of my career.

Being able to share some of the latest things I’ve learned about fishing with my Dad is something that I truly enjoy and appreciate. Fishing has become a great way for us to spend time together aboard my boat as I teach him what I’ve learned over the years throughout my angling experiences. As he says ‘I don’t care if we catch anything, it’s great to just get out in the boat and enjoy the day on the water’. He enjoys taking a break from his busy schedule when time permits to take-in the boating experience, with fishing being a bonus. As a self-employed carpenter, it’s not often that he takes any time off so the moments we have together on the water are memorable.

My Dad’s favorite species to target are largemouth bass. He says he loves the battle and especially catching them in the shallows when he can see them hit. We are both looking forward to the season opener for bass this year and will be spending some time targeting largies on the Bay of Quinte!

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