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5 Gifts for the Boat-Loving Mom this Mother’s Day

Author: Discover Boating

Mother daughter portraitIs the matriarch of your family an avid boater? If the answer to that question is “yes” but you still haven’t figured out what to get her for Mother’s day, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of five great gift ideas to get your boat-loving mother this Sunday.

1. Designer Life Jacket

Chances are, mom loves being on the water but isn’t a fan of wearing a bulky Personal Flotation Device. Well, mom no longer has to choose between being fashionable and being safe on the water. The Bandeau Belt is a stylish PFD for the female recreational boater that’s worn around the waist until the inflation cord is pulled. For more information, check out the Bandeau Belt’s website.

2. Boat Cruise/Brunch

What better way to start off Mother’s day than to have a bountiful feast as you cruise around on a yacht? A typical restaurant cruise will have a flat rate for the meal, but prices do not usually include the cost of beverages and taxes. You don’t have to do brunch either, if you’d rather start the day doing something else, cruises usually run all day and you have the choice to do lunch or dinner also.

3. Water Skiing or Wakeboarding Lessons

If you are the only one catching air when you are out on the water, that’s selfish. If mom wants to get in on the action, a great way to get her started is to give her some water skiing or wakeboarding lessons. Check out our list of best water-ski schools and wakeboard camps to get an idea of what’s out there.

4. Boat Shoes

A simple, yet classic, gift for any boater is a pair of quality boat shoes. This is the perfect time to get mom a pair of this season’s newest boat shoes and get her ready for the upcoming season.

5. Boating/Sailing Lessons

If mom is more of a first mate than a captain, help her take the helm with some boating or sailing lessons. Discover Boating offers a list of resources for you to find power boating or sailing lessons near you!

Is your mom a boater but you’re getting her something that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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