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Discover Boating Hilton Head Island

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Summer is here!  Summer is my favorite!  There are so many fun things to do on our island in the summer.  Our family enjoys being on the water.  Matthew and I met in the Caribbean where he was a wild scuba diver and I sailed in regattas.   Piper is already following in our footsteps and can sail her own Hobie Cat!  Next, it’s the boys turn to Discover Boating.

The Website Discover Boating was a perfect start for this!  Discover Boating is your go-to resource for like everything boating.   On the website you can find boating rentals to get on the water today, you can find youth sailing information or even tools to find out how to finance a boat.  Did you know you can own a boat for as little as 250 dollars a month?    Piper has been enjoying the how to videos because she is in that sponge soaking up sailing information stage!  She wants to know everything there is to know about sailing.

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