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Fishing with my Dad – Father’s Day Memories

Author: Guest Author

DCIM100GOPROThis is a guest post by Ashley Rae.

Some of my favorite times spent out on the water are those I’ve spent fishing with my Dad. I didn’t grow up with him teaching me to fish, but rather with a family friend who was very close to us. My brother and I were introduced to fishing at a young age, and since then it has been something I’ve loved to do. Over the years I have spent more and more time on the water, now making fishing not just my ideal way to spend time, but also the focus of my career. Continue reading

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Five Things Jake Owen is Looking Forward to this Summer

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This is a guest post by Jake Owen.

Hey guys, Jake Owen here! I’ll be out on the water with Discover Boating again all summer long. Keep scrolling to see the five things I’m looking forward to most this summer.

Joining Kenny Chesney’s THE BIG REVIVAL TOUR
Jake Owen 2015Between hitting the road with Kenny Chesney on THE BIG REVIVAL TOUR and finishing up my fifth album—my newest single “Real Life” just dropped—I have a busy summer coming up. Can’t wait to hit the stage, see all my fans & have Discover Boating along for the ride.

Relaxing on the boat with my family
When I’m not on the road, my downtime is pretty chill and usually spent on the water. I’ll grab my boating essentials, and spend as much time as possible out on my boat. It helps me relax, especially while on tour, and is inspiration for my music. There’s something about boating that gives you a feeling of being free and letting go. Continue reading

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Six Tips for Boating with Dogs

Author: Discover Boating

dog floatieBoating with dogs can be a lot of fun, especially when your best friend finds being on the water just as relaxing as you do. However, you should take just as much precaution to make sure you four-legged friends are as safe as your human friends while you’re underway. We’ve put together a list of six tips for boating with dogs below to ensure a safe cruise.

1. Dog life jacket

Although almost all dogs love the water, the reality is that not all dogs can swim well. Your friends and family all have life jackets, so why should your dog be the exception? There are many great models of life jackets for dogs on the market and the most important feature is a lifting handle so you can easily and quickly pull your dog out of the water if you need to. To learn more about dog life jackets, check out this boating with pets article on Discover Boating. Continue reading