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I’d Rather Be Boating…Corpus Christi

Author: Nicki Belczak

img09625154657 It’s official. Winter has overstayed its welcome and we’re longing for sunshine and warm weather. Which for us is another way of saying we’d like to be boating. Although the weather is frigid or dreary (or both) in much of the United States, there are places that offer an escape…

Texas may not be the first state that comes to mind when you’re thinking of boating destinations, but the state actually ranks fourth among the Top 10 Boating States, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

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Jake Owen: If I Could Be On A Boat With Anyone, It Would Be …

Author: Guest Author

This is a guest post by Jake Owen.

I love to boat. Nothing beats being out in the sunshine cruising with the wind in your hair. Even when I’m on tour, I love to get on the water and relax.

A lot of my songs are inspired by what it feels like to be on the water because that’s where some of my favorite memories are made with my friends and family. Before my music hits my fans, I bring my friends out and test the album on my boat. I want the music I make to be the type of music people want to turn up while they’re out on the water … and my friends always keep me honest. Continue reading

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Five Ice Fishing Tips for Beginners

Author: Discover Boating

iStock_000011833766LargeThe holidays are over but, for most of us in the north, we are still walking in a winter wonderland every time we step outside. The lake might be frozen and the boat might be put away, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still go fishing! Ice fishing can be just as relaxing and rewarding as its summertime counterpart. Here are a few tips to help beginners pull some lunkers through the ice: Continue reading

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New Year, New Boat? Insider tips for shopping a boat show

Author: Kelly Kaylor

HERO_hp_boat_show_finderA New Year means new resolutions. Maybe your resolution is looking to spend more quality time with family and friends? Learn something new? Spend more time outdoors or being active? This is the year to follow through on that resolution and discover boating—an activity that can accomplish all of the above.

Ring in 2015 by shopping a local boat show to learn more about what, when, where and how to fish, sail, wakesurf, cruise and more. Throughout the winter and spring, hundreds of boat shows are held around the country and they provide a taste of the boating lifestyle, deals on boats for every budget, and an opportunity to compare boat brands side-by-side.

Find a boat show near you and use these insider tips to get the most out of your show experience: Continue reading