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Five Unique U.S. Boathouses

Author: Colleen Richardson

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About 50 percent of the country is feeling the arctic chill this week, so why not take a look at some of the coolest spots for boats to keep warm this offseason. Whether you call it a boathouse, a boat garage, or that place where you park your boat, these impressive structures not only deliver the ultimate in waterfront access, but also a home for that beloved vessel year-round.

Think warm thoughts and prepare to be wowed by some of the coolest boathouses around the U.S. Continue reading

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Six Ways to Get Better at Wakeboarding this Winter

Author: Discover Boating

iStock_000001613071MediumThe majority of us don’t live in a climate that allows us to enjoy the water all year round. For many wakeboarders, the winter months can be tough and when spring rolls around, they may feel a little rusty on their boards. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of six things you can do during the off-season to enhance your skills and stay ready for next season. Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Boating: Sarasota & the Sister Keys

Author: Kelly Kaylor

With winter approaching, who is ready to escape to the Sunshine State for some warm weather and sunny skies? Here are a few ways to get your feet wet in the Sarasota Summer in Lido Beach, Floridaarea.

Make your way to the easygoing amble of Sarasota and the nearby barrier islands just a few nautical miles south of Tampa Bay along Florida’s central west coast. In this laid back boater’s paradise, the Gulf of Mexico offers often placid waters near shore with easy line-of-sight navigation.

Where to go in Sarasota…
Moor at Marina Jack, right in the heart of downtown. It offers a full-service fuel dock, berths to 200 feet, good food and complete amenities. For a bit more exclusivity, try the Sarasota Yacht Club, which can accommodate transient yachts up to 120 feet. Continue reading