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Keep Your Cool: Best Coolers for a Day on the Water

Author: Nicki Belczak

The sun’s up, the heat is on,  and you’re heading out for a well-deserved day chillin’ on the water. How are you going to keep your cool? Break out of the box! Many coolers today offer innovative features and amenities that add fun to your refreshment. Check these out:

‘Coolest’ cooler

The “Coolest” is a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter. It blew it’s goal of raising $50,000 out of the water and currently has raised $7,500,000 with over a month left in the campaign. The “Coolest” has a battery powered blender, Bluetooth speaker and USB charger on board. Continue reading

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Ronny Turiaf Re-Discovers Boating Through O-Tern Project

Author: Guest Author

This is a guest post by professional basketball player, Ronny Turiaf.


Ronny Turiaf and the Discover Boating team at the Progressive Insurance Chicago In-Water Boat Show

Growing up with paradise-like surroundings, blazing sun and the famous Caribbean trade winds provided me the perfect dream destination recipe. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by water throughout my childhood and early teenage years. Looking back, I now realize there is nothing better than being on the water. Continue reading

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Five Ways to Start Boating in NYC

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Boating on a calm lake away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be very relaxing but there is something special about boating in the middle of a big city. Cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City are perfect examples of this. If you live in New York and you’re looking to get started in boating, see how our friends Rosanna and Greg at Good Day New York did at waterskiing in Sag Harbor, then check out our five tips for starting your own journey.

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Three Sun Safety Tips for Boaters

Author: Nicki Belczak


Did you know July tallies the largest total number of daylight hours? Perhaps that’s why it’s been designated as UV Safety Awareness Month.

While you’re no doubt aware of the risks of overexposure to the sun—sunburn, premature aging, eye damage and worse—did you know that being on the water can increase your exposure to the sun? Surfaces that reflect light also reflect the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. As a result, on a boat you need to be aware not only of the sun’s direct rays, but also its reflection from the water and deck of your boat. Continue reading