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The Secrets of Tidal Fishing

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tidalIf you live (and fish) near the coast, you always have to be aware of (and plan around) the ebb and flow of tides. And what can make your fishing expedition even more challenging is that tides don’t just make the water go up and down, they actually change the feeding habits of the fish and, more importantly, the areas where you’ll find them.

So, instead of the “hot spots” or “honey holes” your inland anglers may know like the back of their hand after countless hours of “research,” coastal fisherman have an additional factor to consider — they have to anticipate where the fish will be on a rolling 6-hour schedule of water moving up and down. Not to say one is harder than the other, but that in either case, you’d better know what you’re doing or you will wind up doing more fishing than catching. Continue reading